Annual Presidential Reception for the Diplomatic Corp

Annual Presidential Reception for the Diplomatic Corp

Last Tuesday 23rd, President Klaus Werner Iohannis hosted the traditional beginning of the year reception of the accredited Diplomatic Corp.

This year the gathering was particularly relevant for two reasons: Firstly, Romania will have four different elections in 2024 (Political, Administrative, European and Presidential). Secondly, this is the last year of President Iohannis which will complete his second mandate later this year.
The topics addressed by the President therefore were all focused on the recent achievement of the country such as the partial access to the Schengen Area (air / maritime borders), and the upcoming political season as well as to the dramatic situation in Ukraine and the preoccupation for the escalation of the conflicts in the Middle East.
The Dean of the Diplomatic Corp, Her Excellency, the Lebanese Ambassador Rana Mokaddem, in responding to the President’s address, confirmed the general excellent relations between the Diplomatic Corp and Romanian authorities that guarantee a continuous and constructive dialogue.

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