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Interview given to Digi24 by Ambassador Roberto Musneci

Romanian Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta on Digi24


Working breakfast with Minister of Culture Lucian Romascanu

Working breakfast with Minister of Culture Lucian Romascanu


Investiture of the new Knights of the Order of Malta

Three new knights of Magistral Grace were officially admitted in Order of Malta. The ceremony was done, as per tradition, “intra Missa” and officiated by the Vicar Archbishop Cornel Damian together with the Head chaplain of the Sovereign Order in Romania, father Gabriel Popa and several other priests who contributed to the preparation of the new brethren.

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The Lieutenant of the Grand Master receives Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies

‘As Head of the Royal House of the Two Sicilies and heir of the Farnese house, I have the privilege of remitting today to your Exellency the insignia of the…


London hosts the 29th International Hospitaller Conference

How to better help and provide humanitarian assistance to the neediest population – starting from the Ukrainians – and how to improve synergies between the entities that form the Order…


New community centre inaugurated for Romani in Slovakia

To teach children essential social skills and hygiene, help them do homework and develop their talents. But also to support mothers and offer social counselling, conferences and cultural events to…