Meeting at the Grand Magistry

Meeting at the Grand Magistry

Yesterday, the Romanian delegation met the Grand chancellor, H.E. Riccardo Paterno’ di Montecupo, and the Receiver of the Common Treasure, H.E. Don Fabrizio Colonna dei Principi di Paliano.
The delegation was formed by the President of The Romanian Association of the Order of Malta – AROM, Count Tibor Kalnoky with his wife Countess Anna, The President of the Relief Corp – SAMR and AROM Hospitaller, Mihaly Denes, the General director of SAMR, Ferenc Tischler and of course Ambassador Roberto Musneci.
The joint delegation and the common agenda indicated the team approach that characterizes the Order in Romania.
The arguments discussed were related to the activities in Romania, the support provided in Ukraine and how to ensure sustainability to the projects in the coming years.
The meeting was followed by a dinner at the prestigious “Circolo della Caccia” at Palazzo Borghese, where Donna Maria Colonna dei Principi di Paliano also joined. The themes of the day and of course the main developments in the Order at large, were further discussed in a more relaxed atmosphere.