Remembrance Exhibition of tragic Katyn massacre

Remembrance Exhibition of tragic Katyn massacre

On Friday 15th the new Polish Ambassador, HE Pawel Soloch presented an exhibition at the Embassy to remember the massacre of Katyn.
In spring 1940, on direct Stalin’s and Beria’s order, 22.000 military personnel and civilians were massacred by the Soviet secret police.
Not only 11.000 military and civilian members of the polish elite but also Ukrainians, Belorussians, Georgians and other nationalities, not only a long list of Jewish but also Catholic and Orthodox members of the different confessions were killed one by one over several days and thrown in mass graves discovered only three years later. A true “egalitarianism of terror”.
Several members of the diplomatic Corp, state secretaries participated to the event and paused for a minute of silence. Ambassador Soloch declared that this remembrance will be repeated next year to keep the memory of this tragedy alive.

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