Visit to the technical school “Petru Poni”

Visit to the technical school “Petru Poni”

In September the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta visited the Professional school “Petru Poni” in sector 6 in Bucharest to donate some educational materials to some students on the occasion of the opening of the academic year. This was aimed at small children.

In that occasion the school management and the secretary of the industry commission of the chamber of deputies, Mrs. Marciana Ozmen, showed the facilities and the educational program of the school.

The result of those discussions was to organize a second visit of the embassy inviting also the management of a multinational company present in Romania whose activity has a highly technological content.

Therefore, yesterday, Mr. Federico Cianciosi, CEO of PRYSMIAN in Romania and member of the Order of Malta met the students of the last two years to share with them PRYSMIAN experience in the two factories for optic fiber and electrical cables currently producing in Romania.

Another little steps to stay close to students in an area where there are also some families in need of support. The brief meeting with the students hopefully showed them one of the many possibilities of employment after their graduation.

The embassy thanks brethren Federico and once again the school management and Sec. Ozmen whose support was critical to organizing the event.