The Embassy of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta would like to share some personal considerations of Ambassador Musneci in the aftermath of the conference of the Order’s Ambassadors involving also the Presidents of the National Associations, that took place in Rome from 25th to 27th January.

”This was an unprecedented opportunity to set the new direction to our Order following the reform of the Constitutional Charter and Code in September 2022.
Over 180 participants, including the whole Sovereign Council and several outstanding speakers gathered to reflect first on the main global challenges, the way such challenges affect the most marginalized parts of the world society and how our religious Order can continue to play an impactful role in mitigating the sufferings of our Lords: the sick and the poor.
The paramount role of our Diplomatic Corps was stressed by our Grand Master H.M.E.H. Fra’ John Dunlap asking Ambassadors to be even more a catalyst of the Order activity, to work closely with the respective Apostolic Nuncios, to provide accurate visibility to our humanitarian diplomacy and first and foremost to operate in conjunction with our Relief Corps and our Associations. The concepts of a holistic approach and continuous relations with the Apostolic Nunciatures, Non-Catholic Administrations, civil society and Authorities was also stressed by H.E. Ambassador Giampaolo Cantini, Secretary General for Foreign Affairs.
An inspiring review of the history of the Order and of the specific role of the Ambassadors in promoting the Order Charisma was delivered by the Grand Commander HE Fra’ Emmanuel Rousseau who also touched key aspects of the new Constitutional Charter and Code which enhance the spiritual root of all our humanitarian activities.
Another inspiring contribution was that made by His Most Reverend Eminence Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Culture, whose address was focussed on the importance for small countries to be “Third players” in the sense of been detached, impartial and basing their authority on Ethics and Utopia, intended as a constant tension towards high values and global objectives.
The Grand Chancellor, H.E. Riccardo Paterno’ di Montecupo detailed the strategic vision outlining the Objectives, the required dimensions of our Associations, the Ambassadors responsibilities to provide visibility to the Order and the timing of our activities, instilling in the Diplomatic Corps but also in the Associations the “sense of urgency” required by the situations where we operate.
The objectives were discussed in details, and it was stressed how the transparent, constant and proactive collaboration among Ambassadors, Presidents of the Associations and Heads of the Relief Corps is the pre-requisite of the strategy and it is expected by all actors without exceptions in a true Christian spirit in the interest of our beneficiaries. A clear understanding of the synergies among different but well-defined roles is a critical success factor to the success of the Order mission.
Furthermore, not only such a transparent approach is required in each country but also among neighboring countries sharing common projects. Making a positive impact, for example on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, requires a coordinated approach from our Order institutions in different countries in agreement with our representation in Kiev.
Having set the strategic direction, the debate continued with several notable interventions from key speakers such as the President of the Italian Senate Foreign Affairs Commission, Sen. Giulio Tremonti, and Industry leaders such as the President of Enel – Paolo Scaroni and of Societe’ General, Prof. Bini Smaghi, Reverend Father Paolo Benanti, Prof Giuliano Amato, Former Italian Prime Minister and Amy Pope, General Director of the International Organization for Migration who reflected on the challenges of sustainable integration models for migrants around the world.
The conference continued for three full days with impactful presentations from the Order Grand Hospitaller HE Fra’ Alessandro de Franciscis, a real “call to Action”, the Receiver of the Common Treasure HE Fabrizio Colonna, H.E. Dr. Lorenzo Borghese on OMDP, the new fund for supporting projects promoted by Embassies and Associations, and other members responsible for the protection of our name and symbols as well as all the important Protocol rules that provide “gravitas” to our institutional activities.
The conference opened its final day with an inspiring audience with His Holiness Pope Francis who encouraged all of us to continue with even more determination to defend our Faith and serve our Lords the sick and the poor. As he outlined ”…your work is not simply humanitarian, like the meritorious service provided by so many other institutions. It is a religious act that gives glory to God by serving the weakest…..”

This is the context in which Ambassadors should interpret the activity across the 113 countries and 37 International Organizations of accreditation. ”

Three intense days that will set the scene for the Order activity in the years to come.