Farewell Holy Mass for the Nuntio

Farewell Holy Mass for the Nuntio

Last Sunday 23rd HE Archbishop Aurel Perca hosted a Holy Mass to bid farewell to HE Mons. Miguel Maury Buendia, the Apostolic Nuntio who will be leaving in the comings days after 7 years  in Romania.
HE Mons Maury Buendia will start his mandate as Apostolic Nuntio to the UK in time for the Coronation of HM King Charles III.
The Order of Malta sent joyfully a delegation to bid farewell to the Nuntio with whom it consistently had an fruitful and instructive relation.
There will be other occasions to bid farewell to His Excellency in the coming days and pay tribute to his outstanding contribution to the relations between the Holy See, Romania and the Sovereign Order of Malta.

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