Interview with the Ambassador of the Order of Malta – Radio Romania International

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Diplomatic relations between Romania and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta are at the highest level in recent years. He explains it to Radio Romania Internazionale H.E. Roberto Musneci, our Ambassador.

“In this period, however, following the sudden death of the Lieutenant of the Grand Master, Fra ‘Marco Luzzago, the Order is in mourning and the classic diplomatic reception has been postponed to autumn. A holy mass will be held on June 22, from 6.30 pm, at the St. Joseph Cathedral in Bucharest”. Recalling that Pope Francis has appointed Fra John T. Dunlap as the new Lieutenant of Grand Master of the Order of Malta, H.E. Roberto Musneci referred to the collaboration with the central and local institutions of Romania and to the projects carried out in our country by the Embassy together to the Malteser Relief Service.

2022 also marks the 90th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations. Connected in 1932, they were interrupted in 1948, after the settlement of communism in Romania, and resumed in 1991, after the fall of the regime. Solidarity, charitable actions, volunteering are the watchwords of the decades-long activity carried out in Romania by the Order of Malta, entirely dedicated to the service of the needy, the poor and the sick, constantly following the commitment of the mission “Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum” (Defense of the Faith and Aid to the Poor).