Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis meets the diplomatic Corp

Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis meets the diplomatic Corp

On Tuesday 17th, President Iohannis met the Diplomatic Corp in his customary annual reception.

In his speech he addressed all major geostrategic issues of the moment describing the critical role of Romania in resolving the Ukrainian crisis from the military and humanitarian standpoint, thus confirming the full role of Romania as a EU and NATO member.
He also mentioned all Strategic Partnerships signed by Romania and planned to be further deepened.

In His reply, the apostolic Nuntio, Dean of the Diplomatic Corp, thanked the Presidency and Romanian Institutions starting from the Ministry of Foreign affairs for the quality of the interactions with the diplomatic community. In particular he praised the Romanian legislation on the protection of linguistic minorities which could be an example for other neighboring countries.

Roberto Musneci, Our Ambassador, in his brief interaction with the President, praised the role of Romanian people and authorities in addressing the refugees crisis and confirmed that our relief corp Serviciu de Ajutor Malteser din Romania (SAMR) became a hub of human and other resources for several countries that Maltese relief organizations contributes to mitigate the refugee crisis.