Celebration of 90 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and the Order

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On 19th September at the Diplomatic Club we organized the reception to celebrate 90 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and the Sovereign Order of Malta.

The Embassy was represented not only by Ambassador Musneci and his wife Marialaura but also by Minister Counsellor Kalnoky and Counsellor Von Holzhausen. The Embassy team was supported by several volunteers of our Relief Corp and its leadership. Almost 160 participants from the Diplomatic Corp, Romanian authorities, representatives of various confessions and business community, two deputy ministers, health and Interior, several advisors of the Prime Minister, including National security, the President of the Antitrust, the deputy Major of Bucharest, the head of the Royal House administration, a large number of Parliamentarians,  heads of local authorities and several board members of the most prominent business associations joined us.

We also had the great pleasure to have Ambassador Franz Salm and his wife Barbara with us.

The speech on behalf of the Romanian administration was delivered by Mihai Harbic, General Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the ceremony, we also presented to the participants, the joint philatelic emission between our Order and Romania launched on 16th September and the first book in Romanian on the structure and history of our Order written by Marius C. Mitrea, one of our volunteers.

Last but not least, plenty of printed material was made available to participants to show the activities of Our Order in Romania and in support of the Ukrainian refugees in Romania and in Ukraine itself.