Event dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the inauguration of Peleș Castle

Last Friday on 6th October, Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Crown and HRH Prince Radu hosted at the Royal Palace, the celebration for the 140th anniversary of the inauguration of Peles Castle.


Meeting at the Grand Magistry

Yesterday, the Romanian delegation met the Grand chancellor, H.E. Riccardo Paterno’ di Montecupo, and the Receiver of the Common Treasure, H.E. Don Fabrizio Colonna dei Principi di Paliano.


Meeting with Alexandru Mihai Ghigiu head of the chancellery of the Prime Minister

Ambassador Musneci paid a courtesy visit to Mr. Alexandru Mihai Ghigiu, Head of the Chancellery of Prime Minister HE Marcel Ciolacu.


Dinner in honor of H.E. Franz Salm Reifferscheidt

Last week, H.E. Franz Salm Reifferscheidt, Ambassador at large for the Roma community, visited Romania to discuss with the Order Relief Corp, SAMR, the status of the projects dedicated to the Romas.


New investiture of members in the Order of Malta

It is with great joy that the Embassy of the Sovereign Military Orderof Malta participate to the investiture of three new members of the Order: Father Stelian Veres Chaplain, Count Mátyás KÁLNOKY baron of Kőröspatak and Count Vincze KÁLNOKY baron of Kőröspatak.


Remembrance Exhibition of tragic Katyn massacre

HE Pawel Soloch, the new Polish Ambassador, held an exhibition at the Embassy on Friday to remember the Katyn massacre. In 1940, 22,000 lives were tragically lost on Stalin's orders. This solemn event united dignitaries, and Ambassador Soloch pledged an annual remembrance to keep the memory alive.


Small actions to kickstart the school year

In a heartwarming initiative, HIPICPROD employees, under the guidance of the Sibiu-based SAMR branch led by Mrs. Mihaela Costeiu, collected educational materials for the Gulliver and Prichindel centers' children. This simple yet impactful gesture earned heartfelt appreciation from the Sovereign Order of Malta Embassy, especially to the dedicated employees of HIPICPROD.


Meeting with Red Cross

In a recent meeting, Mrs. Emilie Goller, the new Head of IFRC in Romania, met with Ambassador Musneci to enhance understanding between their organizations. They discussed cooperation between IFRC and the Order of Malta , identifying opportunities for collaboration in operational activities and shared interest representation. This meeting signifies a commitment to strengthen their partnership for the benefit of Romania's humanitarian efforts.


Visit to Liceul Tehnologic ‘Petru Poni’

Embassy of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta's Inspiring Visit to Liceul Tehnologic 'Petru Poni' in Sector 6: Fostering Educational Excellence, Community Engagement, and Promising Collaborations for the Future