Christmas Concerts

Two other events marked this Christmas for our embassy: the Christmas concerts organized by the Apostolic Nuntio Miguel Maury Buendia with traditional Romanian Christmas Carols and the concert organized by the Metropolitan Archbishop Aurel Perca.


“Our “ Children in Colentina and Don Orione

A lovely Christmas Eve at our new center in Colentina! Our children enjoyed a small celebration to mark the Holy Christmas and the first year of our new center in Colentina! Big thanks to Anca Simu, Ferenc Tischler and Cristina Muzelak and of course to father Ciprian for his kind hospitality. Merry Christmas!


Royal House about the Connections with the Order of Malta

An interesting program on ,,Ora regelui ‘’ broadcasted last saturday on TVR and covering among other things the dinner organized by Her Majesty Margareta - Custodian of Romanian Crown at Palatul Elisabeta to celebrate 90 years of diplomatic relation between Romania and the Sovereign Order of Malta.


Order of Malta – Dinner at the Royal House

Last Monday the 12th, Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Crown and HRH Prince Radu hosted a dinner at Palatul Elisabeta on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Romania and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.


Meeting with George Agafitei State Counsellor of the Prime Minister

An excellent meeting yesterday between Ambassador Stefano Ronca, Foreign Secretary of the Order and Mr George Agafitei State Counsellor of the Prime Minister.


Royal Evening in honor of the Diplomatic Corps

Her Majesty Margareta of Romania welcomed the diplomatic representatives in Romania. A tradition dating back 156 years, the reception took place in the Throne Hall of the Royal Palace in Bucharest.


The Royal family confirms the excellent relations with the Order of Malta during an important visit

The links of the Royal Family with the Sovereign Order of Malta have been established since the time of the monarchy and during a recent visit to Rome and the Vatican, the Royal Family of Romania confirmed this once again.


Happy National Day, Romania!

As always, it was a pleasure to participate to the traditional military parade and the Presidential reception at cotroceni.