Order of Malta – Dinner at the Royal House

Last Monday the 12th, Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Crown and HRH Prince Radu hosted a dinner at Palatul Elisabeta on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Romania and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The event was attended by HE Ambassador Stefano Ronca, Foreign Secretary of the Order and Ambassador Franz Salm with their respective wife. The Apostolic Nuntio, The Metropolitan Archbishop, the leadership of SAMR and our entire diplomatic corp led by HE Ambassador Roberto Musneci, his wife Marialaura and many others attended the event. The speeches from HRH Prince Radu, Foreign Secretary Ronca and Ambassador Musneci highlighted the historic closeness of Romania and the Royal House to our Order and the common focus, in the last 90 years, on addressing the needs of disadvantaged communities particularly at dramatic junctions such as the current one in the aftermath of the tragic invasion of Ukraine. The Charisma of the Order, “Tuitio Fidei, obsequium Pauperum” and the motto of the Royal Family, “Nihil sine Deo” express the same values where practical actions of support are the product of our common Christian values. Our Embassy would like to thank Her Majesty, His Royal Highness and the entire Royal House team for the perfect organization and collaboration in this very busy period of the year. We trust that the Royal House and our Order will continue to work together on some of the many challenges ahead.


Meeting with George Agafitei State Counsellor of the Prime Minister

An excellent meeting yesterday between Ambassador Stefano Ronca, Foreign Secretary of the Order and Mr George Agafitei State Counsellor of the Prime Minister. We discussed the refugees humanitarian crisis withing the current security end economic context. A joint effort of Authorities, NGO sector and the business community is needed to maximize impact and mitigate the crisis induced by the invasion of Ukraine. We shared our projects at the border, in Ukraine and our efforts to mobilize the business community. We confirmed our constant collaboration with SMURD and the role of Romania as a catalyst in the efforts with support we receive also fron other countries such Italy, the US, France, Germany and others.


Royal Evening in honor of the Diplomatic Corps

On Tuesday, December 6th, Her Majesty Margareta of Romania welcomed the diplomatic representatives in Romania. A tradition dating back 156 years, the reception took place in the Throne Hall of the Royal Palace in Bucharest. Also present, were representatives of the Presidential Administration, members of the Romanian Parliament, representatives of the Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, heads of bilateral diplomatic missions accredited in Romania as well as members of Her Majesty's House. During the event, the Custodian of the Crown held a speech on the current diplomatic situation, in which she expressed her admiration for the dedication in promoting and strengthening relations between Romania and the represented countries, and thanked the Apostolic Nuncio, the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, for his contribution in the success of the recent visit from the Holy See.


The Royal family confirms the excellent relations with the Order of Malta during an important visit

The links of the Royal Family with the Sovereign Order of Malta have been established since the time of the monarchy and during a recent visit to Rome and the Vatican, the Royal Family of Romania confirmed this once again. The humanitarian activities of our Order were often supported together with "Fundatia Regala Margareta a Romaniei". More about the excellent relations between the Sovereign Order of Malta and the Royal House in the attached link.


Happy National Day, Romania!

As always, it was a pleasure to participate to the traditional military parade and the Presidential reception at cotroceni. At this difficult junction of European history, Romania is one of the countries at the front of the humanitarian, energy and security challenges. The Order of Malta, through its relief corp SAMR continues to provide support to refugees and disadvantaged people wherever needed. The impact of the energy crisis induced by the invasion of Ukraine is harsher on them and our volunteers are there to help. We had the privilege to share a few brief thoughts with the President and the Prime Minister on the subject and in the framework of the 90th anniversary of our diplomatic relations


Royal visit to the Magistral Palace in Rome

Yesterday, HM Margareta of Romania and HRH Prince Radu paid a visit to the Magistral Palace in Rome. They were received by the Lieutenant of the Grand Master HE Fra’ John T. Dunlap and the Grand Chancellor Riccardo Paterno’ di Montecupo. Her majesty was also accompanied by Andrew Popper, President of the Crown Council, her Chief of Cabinet Traian Sarca and the Charge’ d’affaires of the Romanian Embassy to the Sovereign Order of Malta and to the Holy See, Adina Lovin. The Order of Malta delegation also included Amb. Stefano Ronca, Secretary General for Foreign, Roberto Musneci, Ambassador to Romania and several other members of the Sovereign Council and dignitaries. During the bilateral meeting and the official lunch that followed, Her Majesty, the Lieutenant of the Grand Master and the Grand Chancellor, confirmed the excellent bilateral relations stemming out of a common focus on helping the sick, the poor and those in need. The Royal House, and in particular the “Fundatia Regala Margareta”, have fruitfully cooperated with the Order of Malta in Romania during the pandemic and this is expected to continue in the future, given the multiple challenges also following the invasion of Ukraine. The common values shared by the Royal House and our Order are rooted in history and this is attested to by the fact that both King Michael I and Queen Margareta, Custodian of the Crown, were awarded high decorations by the Sovereign Order of Malta. Today, in the framework of the event, HRH Prince Radu of Romania was bestowed the Grand Cross Pro Merito Melitensi by the Lieutenant of the Grand Master HE Fra’ John T. Dunlap. This recognition further strengthens the relationships between the Royal Family and our Order.


Visit of Mr. Andrew Popper to the Magistral Villa for the Royal meeting

In preparation of the Royal visit to our Lieutenant of Grand Master and Grand Chancellor later today, we had the great pleasure to show the Magistral Villa to Mr. President of the Crown Council in a private visit. We also enjoyed a good conversation with our host, the First Secretary of the Embassy of the Order by the Italian Republic, Mrs Marina Favale. As usual, a big thank you to Mrs. Valerie Guillot who unveiled the historical secrets of the Villa to our guest.


Farewell reception for the Ambassador of North Macedonia, Gabriel Atanasov

On Friday, our Ambassador participated at the farewell reception for the Ambassador of North Macedonia, Gabriel Atanasov. The event was hosted at the French residence by HE Madam Ambassador Laurence Auer.Ambassador Atanasov received the customary engraved silver plate from the Deacon of the diplomatic corp, the Apostolic Nuntio HE Miguel Maury Buendia.Ambassador Atanasov, a respected diplomat, a polyglot and a good friend made a mark in the diplomatic community with the depth of his analysis combined with a solid sense of humor.